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a legal office based in Tokyo, Japan

We are a legal office in Tokyo, Japan, with an immigration or a visa lawyer who can provide foreign people living in Japan with legal services based on laws of Japan, such as immigration & visa processing services and corporate start-up services in Japan.  

We can support all of foreigners throughout Japan to apply for visa processing, regardless of the place of living, as we can apply for the visa processing to any regional immigration services bureau via online visa application.

I. Immigration & Visa Processing Services in Japan

It is the core business of ours to provide you with sophisticated & professional legal services with expertise on applying for visa processing of yours, including permanent residency, like preparing a visa application form with required documents, submitting the visa application to a regional immigration services bureau, negotiating or communicating with the regional immigration services bureau until you get a permit for a visa, as a qualified immigration lawyer or visa lawyer in Japan. 

If we can support you for your visa processing, you don't need to attend the regional immigration services bureau which govern the place of your living, as we can go there and submit the visa application on behalf of you, as an immigration lawyer or a visa lawyer office in Japan.  

We can also support you to solve the problems or problems with specialized legal advises or consultations, when you have any problems or troubles related immigration or visas in Japan. 

For more in details, please see "visa processing services of ours" page, and the related pages.

We are an immigration lawyer or a visa lawyer office registered at Tokyo Immigration Services Bureau, while we are permitted to apply at any regional immigration services bureau throughout Japan.  

Actually, it has not been so common that foreigners living in Japan except for Tokyo or Kanto area, as we are needed to ask them to compensate for transportation fares to the regional immigration services bureau far from Tokyo, although we are currently pleased to accept requests or orders from Osaka, Nagoya or any other place all over Japan, except for permanent residence applicants, as it has come to be possible for us to apply visa application to any immigration offices throughout Japan via online visa application systems, from March 2022.

II. Corporate Start-up Services in Japan

If you are willing to start your own business in Japan, it will be extremely important to start up or establish a new corporate in Japan.

In order to start up or to establish a company in Japan, it is necessary to prepare all of the required documents by the corporation law of Japan and related regulations, basically in Japanese, while some might be possible to be prepared with Japanese translation.

We shall provide you with sufficient supports you to make the required documents in Japanese.

It is required to make a corporate registration at a regional legal affairs bureau which govern the place of the head office of the new company, in order to complete the process of the start-up or the establishment. 

You also don't need to attend the regional lagel affairs bureau for the registration of establishment, as our allied "shihoshoshi lawyer" can submit the regulated documents to judicial bureau on behalf of you.

As the online registration of corporates started 2021 in Japan, we are pleased to support you, regardless of the place of living, to establish a company registered at any legal bureau all over Japan.

You can see much more about our legal services on start up in Japan, from here.

III. Other Legal Services

As a legal office with a certified "gyoseishoshi" lawyer, we can provide you with the following legal services:

A. Legal Documentation Services

It is our job to prepare drafts of or to review several kinds of legal documents, including contracts or agreements either in English or in Japanese.

You can ask us to translate legal or governmental documents, including preparing English translation of public certificates issued in Japan with notarization and apostille.

We can also make certification of documents, such as passports.

B. Permit & License Application Services

It is the main business for us, "gyoseishoshi" lawyers to support clients to apply for a permit or a license which is required to do some kinds of business in Japan, such as permission for a constructor, permission for a real estate agency, registration of a financial instrument business operator, and so on.

We can provide you with legal services to get several kinds of permission, which shall be required in order to open a restaurant or a cafe in Japan.

C. Will & Inheritance Services

Some foreigners who have lived in Japan for a long time and have families of citizens of Japan or some assets or properties in Japan, may require legal services on will or inheritance.

We can provide those foreigners with legal services regarding a will, including notarization process of a will or inheritance services.

Please see much more about our "other legal services", from here.

IV. How to Contact Us

If you need any assistance or have any questions regarding our legal services described in the above or other pages of this site, please feel free to send your request or inquiry to us via "contact us" page

You can also contact us via WhatsApp or Telegram

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Otherwise, please contact us by phone or by email !  You can contact us either in English or in Japanese.

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