Privacy Policy of Nihonbashi Prime Legal Office

Section I  Acquiring Private Information

We shall acquire private information within the range for purposes ofutilizing by legal and adequate measures.

Section II  Purpose of Utilizing Private Information

We shall acquire private information for the following purposes regarding providing legal services, recruitment of employees, execution of jobs by the office and employees and controls of employment:

I. providing legal services by the office

A. solution of cases and related communication

B. distribution of presentations on the office or seminars, sending of letters and other providing information on legal services

C. adequate and smooth execution of business of the office

II. recruitment of employees and others

A. communication on the recruitment, execution of procedures for selection and determination on employment

B. management on human resource and education after employment

Section III  Utilization of Private Information other than for the Purpose

We shall utilize private information just for the purposes mentioned in Section 2.

We shall not utilize private information for the purposes other than the designated purposes without consents from the individuals represented by the information except for required by laws or regulations or for the purposes dislosed in advance. 

Section IV  Providing Private Information to the Third Parties

We shall not provide private information to any third party without consents from the individuals represented by the informationexcept for regulated by laws.

Section V  Secured Management of Private Information  

We shall take necessary and adequate measures to avoid leakage or ruination of private information and we shall accomplish adequate controls of private information.

We shall manage adequately employees on treating private information.

We also shall manage the consignee when we outsoure treatment of private informaton.

Section VI  Disclosure, Amendment, Suspension of Utilization and Others on Private Information

If we are asked to disclose, amend, add, delete, suspend utilization of, stop utilization of, suspend utilization by third parties of, stop utilization by third parties of private information in accordance with Act on the Protection of Personal Information("APPI") by requests from the individuals represented by the private information, we shall take actions in accordance with APPI after we identify the individuals of the requests.

Section VII  Change of Policy

We might change this polocy, if necesssary.

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