I. How to Get a Visa for a Newly Born Baby

A newly born baby, each of whose parents does not have citizenship of Japan cannot principally obtain citizenship of Japan, while it is allowed to stay in Japan for sixty days after the birth.

In order to stay in Japan beyond the sixty days grace period, it is necessary to apply for obtaining a visa status within thirty days from the birth, while it is allowed to apply to the regional immigration services bureau directly without an entry process of the immigration. 

II. How to Apply for Obtaining a Visa

A parent of a newly born baby, as a statutory deputy of the baby, is required to submit the following documents to the regional immigration services bureau under Immigration Services Agency of Japan("ISAJ", 「出入国在留管理庁」) to apply for obtaining a visa for the baby.

A. an application form in a regulated format("APPLICATION FOR PERMISSION TO ACQUIRE STATUS OF RESIDENCE"「在留資格取得許可申請書」 )

B. documents to prove the fact that the baby has been born.

C. documents required in accordance with the type of visa.

* A photo is not necessary as a photo is not required to submit, if the applicant is under sixteen.

Please refer to the "Required Document for Visa" page on what kinds of documents are required by the regulations made by the ministry of justice for each visa, while it might be difficult to prepare required documents adequately by the applicant.

If you hire us, Nihonbashi Prime Legal Office, we shall help you to prepare all of the regulatory required documents. 

If a parent of a new born baby is a permanent resident, the bay can to apply for a permanent resident, instead of applying by "APPLICATION FOR PERMISSION TO ACQUIRE STATUS OF RESIDENCE".

Please see "Permanent Residence" page of ours for procedures, duration, charge & fee.

It is also principally necessary to show the passport of the baby on submitting the application, unless a statement of a reason why it is impossible to show the passport.

As the application is required to submit within thirty days after the birth, it might be necessary to prepare the statement of a reason, if the passport cannot have been issued until submitting the application.

The minister of justice is authorized to determine, in its discretion if the application should be permitted or not, in accordance with Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act which requires considerable reasons for the permission.

If the baby applies for permanent residence, the minister of justice should determine on the same conditions for permanent residence permission.

We can help you to apply for a visa of your baby by preparing an application form & required documents, attending the regional immigration services bureau, submitting the application, negotiating with the regional immigration serrvices bureau and so on.

If you hire us, you don't need to go to the regional immigration services bureau principally.

duration, charge & fee

A determination to an application is generally made until sixty days after the birth.

Charge to the regional immigration bureau

: None

Fee to Us

: 78,000. JPY including sales tax

:120,000. JPY including sales tax, if permitted for permanent residence

* It is not able to apply for permanent residence via internet.

If unable to apply for acquisition via internet,

:98,000. JPY including sales tax

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