"Lawyer / Accountant" Visa

"Business Manager" visa is categorized in Tier II of Group I defined in Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act ("ICRRA", hereafter). 

I. Granted Activities 

activities of legal or accounting business which is legally required to be executed by licensed specialists such as attorneys at law of oversea laws or oversea certified accountants

II. Granted Period of Stay 

5 years, 3 years, 1 year or 3 months

III. Conditions to be Permitted 

A. Applied activities are not false. 

B. Applied activities coincide with activities defined for each visa in ICRRA.

It is also required to meet the followings, or so called " Criteria of Permits for Landing" as "Lawyer / Accountant" is categorized in Tier II of Group I:

A. The applicant should correspond to following:

The applicant should be engaged in business as an attorney at law, a shihoshoshi lawyer, a land and house investigator, an attorney at law on on overseas law, a certified accountant, a certified overseas accountant, a tax accountant, a social insurance consultant, a patent lawyer, a maritime scrivener, a gyoseishoshi lawyer.

IV. Documents Required to Apply for a Certificate of Eligibility or Change of Visa

A. a document which clarifies that the applicant carries a license such as an attorney at law of oversea laws or a certified oversea accountant

B. a document which certifies the contents, terms, the position and wages of the activities

V. Documents Required to Apply for Extension of Visa

A. a document which certifies the contents, terms and the position of the activities

B. a certificate of annual incomes and paid taxes 

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