"Permanent Resident" Visa

"Permanent Resident" visa is categorized in Group II defined in Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act ("ICRRA", hereafter). 

It is possible only for a foreigner who lives in Japan with another visa status to apply for permanent residence except for a newly born child in Japan of a permanent resident in Japan.  

I. Status or Position to be held in Japan 

who is permitted to reside in Japan permanently by the minister of justice

II. Granted Period of Stay 


III. Conditions to be Permitted 

A. The applicant has been with good behaviors & conducts. 

B. The applicant has so sufficient properties or skills that the applicant can make a living by itself.

C. To approve a perpetual stay in Japan shall meet with national interests of Japan.

If the applicant is a spouse, a son or a daughter of a citizen of Japan or a permanent resident in Japan, B & C are not required.   

IV. Documents Required to Apply

A. documents certifying good behaviors & conducts of yours

B. documents certifying sufficient properties or skills letting you make your living by yourself   

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