I. How to Become a Citizen of Japan

The process of getting a citizen of Japan is different from the visa process in Japan.

The visa process in Japan is defined by Immigration Control & Refugee Recognition Act, while the process of citizenship of Japan is defined by Citizenship Law.

II. Methods to be a Citizen of Japan

Citizenship Law of Japan defines two methods for a foreigner to be a citizen of Japan, "Naturalization" & "Acquirement of Citizenship".

The process of acquirement of citizenship can be taken by a foreigner recognized by its Japanese parent only. 

III. Which Governmental Offices Control the Process of Obtaining Citizenship

The process of getting citizenship is controlled by judicial bureau offices under the ministry of justice, while the process of visa in controlled by immigration bureau offices also under the ministry of justice. 

In order to be a citizen of Japan through the process of naturalization, it is necessary to apply to a judicial bureau and to obtain permission by the minister of justice.  

The process of acquirement of citizenship does not require application or permission but reports to judicial bureau offices.

IV. Conditions to Get Permission of Naturalization

Citizenship Law of Japan defines six conditions of naturalization: 

A. The applicant should have lived in Japan for five years or more consecutively and have a registered address in Japan.

B. The applicant should be twenty years old or elder and be regarded to have civil ability in its country. 

C. The applicant should have good behavior and conducts.

D. The applicant should be able to make its living by assets or skills of itself, its spouse or other relatives living together.

E. The applicant should be with no citizenship or to lose its citizenship on getting citizenship of Japan.

F. The applicant should not have planned to overturn the government of Japan or  asserted to overturn the government of Japan, or should not have formed or participated in  a political group or any other group to plan or to asset overturn of the government of Japan.

These six conditions are "necessary conditions" but not "sufficient conditions".

Even if the applicant meets all of these six conditions, the applicant might be unable to get citizenship of Japan.

V. What Kinds of Documents are Necessary to Submit to Apply for Naturalization

Citizenship Law and its related regulations defines any concrete documents to be submitted on application for naturalization.

The website of the ministry of justice requires applicants to come to a judicial bureau office to discuss before application.

Required documents for application shall be directed by the judicial bureau office for each case.

VI. What is Required for Acquirement of Citizenship

The process of acquirement of citizenship is not an application & permission process. It is a reporting process. Therefore, There are no condition of permission on acquirement of citizenship.

However, in order to report for acquirement of citizenship, it shall be required to submit documents to certifies that the applicant is actually a son or daughter of the recognizing parent.

The website of the ministry of justice indicate required attached documents to report for acquirement of citizenship as follows: 

A. copies of public family register files(「戸籍謄本または戸籍全部事項証明書」) on the recognizing parent from its birth.

B. a copy of a birth certificate on the reporting foreigner

C. memorandum to describe the background of recognition by the parents

D. documents to certify history of travelling overseas of the parent when the mother has got pregnant 

E. other documents to certify father-son or mother-son relationship

VII. What we, Immigration Lawyers can Do for Naturalization or Acquirement of Citizenship

Regarding the visa processing, a clients of a immigration lawyer don't need to prepare application  and attached documents or to attend a immigration bureau office because the immigration lawyer can prepare application & attached documents, attend the immigration bureau office and submit the application.

On the other hand,  a clients of an immigration lawyer need to attend the judicial bureau office by itself even if she or he hires the immigration lawyer.

Any way, the immigration lawyer can attend the judicial bureau office along with its client to support her or him.

Also, the immigration lawyer can prepare almost all documents required to submit to the  judicial bureau office.

duration, charge & fee

The ministry of justice does not indicate any duration of examination on "Naturalization" or "Acquirement of Citizenship".

Charge to the judicial bureau office

: None

Fee to Us

: 180,000. JPY including sales tax

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