Other Legal Services

We hereby describe the legal services of ours other than visa processing services and corporate start-up services, with which we can provide our clients, as a qualified "gyoseishoshi" lawyer in Japan.

I. Legal Documentation Services

A. Legal Practices in Japan

Once it was often said that the Japanese society was not a "contract society" and it would not be required to make a contract always on entering into legal relationship with some other party.  

We cannot totally agree this hypothesis and if you have lived in Japan for a while, you can notice that it is definitely required to enter into a contract in some cases like leasing or purchasing/selling homes, borrowing money from financial institutions, such and such.

Some Japanese institutions like banks, financial companies, or real estate brokerage companies prepare their own models or patterns of typical contracts in advance, while there might be necessity to have negotiation of contract documentation between parties concerned.   

It is difficult for many Japanese who have no experiences of legal educations or legal practices to handle legal documents, and it shall be much more difficult for foreigners who cannot understand Japanese well to deal with documentations in Japanese.

B. Our Services on Legal Documentation

We can provide you with the following services:

a) supporting of making drafts of legal documents like contracts, including preparing initial draft, negotiation with the counterparty and providing legal advises or comments.

b) reviewing legal documents and providing legal advises and comments.

c) English translation of legal documents, provided especially for foreigners who can understand English much better than Japanese, including getting notarization with apostille to English translation of public certificates issued in Japan at notary public offices.

d) authentication or certification of documents, such as passports, as a qualified legal specialist or a "gyoseishoshi" lawyer*.  

* As notarization can be permitted just for notary publics who works at notary public offices in Japan, we cannot notarize any documents, although we can support you to get notarization for documents at notary public offices, such as preparing translation to be notarized or communicating with notary publics. 

Our services on legal documentation shall not be limited in the above description.

If you need any other supports on legal documentation in Japan other than mentioned here, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

Fees of ours shall be discussed previously, as workloads of ours might be different from a case to another. 

II. Permit & License Application Services

A. Roles of "Gyoseishoshi" Lawyers in Japan

It is the main business of "gyoseishoshi" lawyers in Japan to apply for a permit or a license to authorized governmental offices on behalf of the clients.

The main business of ours is also applying for a permit of a visa or a visa related permit from the minister of justice or from the head of the immigration services agency of Japan, while we can provide you other legal services of applying for a permit or a license from the governmental authorities of Japan, such as permission for a constructor, permission for a real estate agency, registration of a financial instrument business operator, and so on, as we are also a legal office with a qualified "gyoseishoshi" lawyer which is defined by the law of "gyoseishoshi" lawyers「行政書士法」.

B. When You are Willing to Open a Restaurant in Japan

a) What kind permission should be obtained ?

You can see so many restaurants in Japan where it is possible to enjoy uncountable kinds of cuisines, not only Japanese cuisine but also many cuisines from foreign countries all over the world.

If you are willing to open a restaurant in Japan as a foreigner, it is needless to say that you should permitted for a visa with which it is qualified for operating the business of the restaurant. 

Moreover, you need to get permission for restaurant business from the governor of the prefecture where the restaurant is planned to be opened, in accordance with Food Sanitation Law of Japan("FSL")「食品衛生法」.

The permission should be obtained for each restaurant separately, if you operate plural restaurants. 

If you are opening a cafe, not a restaurant, it is required to get different permission for cafe business in accordance with FSL.

You might be necessary to get permission in accordance with Adult Entertainment Business Act of Japan「風俗営業等の規制及び業務の適正化に関する法律」, in such cases that you are operating the restaurant, in night times or with attendance services.

You should also understand that it is necessary to submit several reports in accordance with Fire Services Act of Japan「消防法」.  

b) How to Apply for "Restaurant Business"  

It is general that it is necessary to submit an application form in a regulated format with required attachment such as a map of the restaurant, a certification of a qualified food sanitation supervisor and so on, in order to apply for restaurant business.

You need to keep in mind that the procedures of applying for restaurant business are different from a prefecture to another. 

If you need to obtain permission for restaurant business or cafe business, especially in Tokyo, please feel free to contact us.

The features of our services should be that we can support our clients to get permission or a license with communicating them in English only. 

III. Will & Inheritance Services

It should be the last and largest problem for many humans to decide how to make their properties to be succeeds after their deaths.  

It is thought that there are differences on inheritance legal systems from one country to another.

From the viewpoints of the civil law of Japan, it should be important to take processes properly on two phases.

The first phase is when the life is close to the end, and it should be decided if a will is written or not.

The second phase is when the life is over, and the properties should be succeeded in accordance with the will, if written, or the civil law of Japan. 

We can provide our clients mainly with two kinds of legal services for these two phases, in accordance with the civil law of Japan.

A. Will Making Services

The civil law of Japan defines that a will can be effective only when it has been made in a regulated form.

The civil law of Japan defines three types of will, "a holographic document", "a notarized document" and "a sealed and notarized document".  

We strongly recommend a choice of the type of "a notarized document", because the original can be retained by a notary public office and it is not required to have examination and recognition by a family court.

Our services are concentrated on this type of "a notarized document".

Our services of "Will Making Services shall consist of the following:

a) drafting a will, including evaluation of the expected inherited properties, consultation on legal system of a will defined in the civil law of Japan.

b) negotiation with a notary public.

c) support of notarization, arrangement with a notary public office, attending the notary public office and introduction of witnesses, if necessary.  

Costs and Fees are as follows:

Charge to a notary public office:shall be by calculated based on the value of the expected inherited properties and number of legatees. 

Fees to Us:77,000. JPY, including sales tax.

B. Inheritance Partitioning Services

Once an inheritance has happened, the properties held by the inherited shall be partitioned to regulated inheritors by regulated shares, defined by the civil law of Japan, theoretically.

If the inherited has left an effective will, the properties should be transferred to the legatees in accordance with the will.

It is practically necessary that somebody like a representative of inheritors or a pointed executor by a will should execute the partitioning or the transfer.

It is usually difficult to execute partitioning or transfer related to inheritance without knowledge on laws of Japan, legal procedures of real properties, banking procedures and so on.  

We can support execution of partitioning or transfer related to inheritance.

Our legal services shall consist of the following:

a) support of drafting of an agreement on partitioning of inheritance

b) execution of a will

Fees of ours shall be discussed previously, as workloads of ours might be different from a case to another. 

C. Remarks on Foreigners

Even if an interested party like an inherited, an inheritor or a legatee is a foreigner, the laws of Japan might govern the situation of inheritance.

If the inherited is a citizen of Japan, the inheritance shall be governed by the law of Japan, even if one or some of the inheritors are foreigners.

If the inherited is a foreigner, the inheritance shall not be governed by the law of Japan basically. However, if the law of the country, of which the inherited has been a citizen, does not exclude that the law of Japan governs the inheritance which has happened in Japan, the inheritance can be processed in accordance with the law of Japan. 

Sometimes, real properties held by foreigners can be partitioned by inheritance, in accordance with the law of Japan.

A will can be executed in accordance with the law of Japan, on a condition that the testatrix or testator was a citizen of Japan when the will was made, even if the testatrix or testator has not been a citizen of Japan when she or he die.   

IV. How to Contact Us

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