I. Mission & Role

This is a legal office in Tokyo with a "gyoseishoshi" lawyer who is a member of the association of "Gyoseishoshi Lawyers of Tokyo" and who is also registered at Tokyo Regional Immigration Services Bureau.

We are mainly providing clients from overseas and living in Japan with our legal services, because we also have plenty of business careers in overseas.

II. What is an "gyoseishoshi lawyer" and a " immigration & visa lawyer" in Japan

A  "gyoseishoshi lawyer「行政書士」" is a authorized legal specialist defined in "gyoseishoshi law「行政書士法」".

A gyoseishoshi lawyer「行政書士」 has several legally authorized roles & functions and is authorized to make or to arrange legal documents.

Moreover, a gyoseishoshi lawyer is also authorized to prepare governmental documents such as application, official reports & supplemental documents for licenses, permission or registration and to apply or submit those documents to the competent governments.

Especially, a gyoseishoshi lawyer who has been registered at a regional immigration services bureau where it lives, shall be not only able to prepare visa application and required documents by regulations but also permitted to attend to any regional immigration services bureau on behalf of its foreign clients in order to submit the visa application and required documents.

We call this registered gyoseishoshi lawyer at a regional immigration services bureau as an "immigration lawyer" or a "visa lawyer", here.

If you are intending to file a law suit with a court against somebody, you can ask an attorney at law「弁護士」to be your counsel or your agent, while it is impossible to ask an immigration & visa lawyer or a gyoseishoshi lawyer to be your counsel in the court.

We, Nihonbashi Prime Legal Office, are a legal office which is a member of "Gyoseishoshi Lawyers of Tokyo"「東京都行政書士会」.

III. Business Experiences

Ushio Matsunami,  松浪 潮

Started its business career with Mistui Trust & Banking Co.,Ltd., current Mitsui Sumitomo Trust.

In its approximately 20 years business experience with Mitsui Trust, worked for Legal & Compliance Department, International Credit Assessment Department, Los Angeles Branch, Head Office Foreign Business Department and other departments.

He joined the bank before the age of "Bubble Economy" in Japan. In the time of "Bubble Economy" he spent busy days. Then in the "Post Bubble" age , the attitude of the bank had turned "fundamentally aggressive" to "principally negative". He was a senior manager of supervisory department when the bank merged with another trust bank. Thereafter, he left the bank. 

He understands that the experience in Mitsui Trust has become a core of his business career. After left the bank, he mainly work for financial consulting business or M&A advisory business, and he currently has a company of M&A advisory business. 

In the trust bank, he worked for international business of the bank in so many years. The time in the Los Angeles office had huge influence on his way of thinking. He was a foreigner there. The society of the United States has been a society of diversity. It was a society that equal opportunity is principally guaranteed. The business society of the United States has had so little concern with “lifetime employment” that many businessmen has tended to change their jobs in order to realize their promotion. A business man should be an professional rather than an man of its institution or its company.

He has thought the society of Japan should be the similar society as the United States in several years. Many years have passed since he left Los Angeles, though his forecast has not realized yet. Nevertheless, he still think that the Japanese society tend to move to the similar society as the United States. He admits regrettably that there is more of innovation in the United states than in Japan. He thinks that one of the reason why the society of the United States is more innovational than the society of Japan is in respect for diversification in American Society.

It can be said that the current destination of his business career has made this legal office focus on  people from overseas in Japan.

Kyoto University, Bachelor of Law

Keio University Law School, Juris Doctor

IV. Strength of Ours

A. Quickness & Accuracy

The immigration lawyer or gyoseishoshi lawyer of this office has got lots of knowledge on corporate laws and governmental laws in Japan because he has worked in a legal department of the trust bank. Anyway, it might be essential to have plenty of knowledge on legal matters as a"gyoseishoshi" lawyer.

A "gyoseishoshi" can be said as an "administrator" or a "desk worker". As a bank officer, he was required to make many documents in limited times and accurately. If he had not completed correct documents for decision making in the bank on lending business, some clients might have faced bankruptcy. He has worked in such circumstances.

It is one of our mission to fulfill our business with Quickness & Accuracy.

B. Globalization

The immigration lawyer or gyoseishoshi lawyer has some experience of business to speak, hear read or write in English. He can not understand other than Japanese & English. However English is a standard language in the world.

We shall provide the best of my support for people who need legal services in English here in Japan.

V. Summary of the Office

Nihonbashi Prime Legal Office    日本橋プライム行政書士事務所

Ushio Matsunami, a immigration & visa lawyer, a gyoseishoshi lawyer

Bachelor of Law, Kyoto University

Juris Doctor, Keio Law School

Postal Code 103-0012

Suite 403 1-3-19, Nihonbashihoridomecho, Chuo-Ku Dustrict, Tokyo, Japan

〒103-0012 東京都中央区日本橋堀留町一丁目3-19-403

WhatsApp or Telegram  +81 90 6188 1648

Mobile +81 090 (6188) 1648

Address: nihonbashiprime@gmail.com

If you need any support or have any question, please feel free to send your request or inquiry to us via "contact us" page.