Online Visa Application / Internet Visa Application

The online visa application system or the internet visa application system in Japan, officially called "Online Residency Application System" by the Immigration Services Agency of Japan, has been largely modified on March 15th, 2022.

It has come to be able for not only applicants themselves but also immigration or visa lawyers like us, to submit plenty kinds of visa application via internets, except for permanent residence application. 

It is not necessary to attend a regional immigration services bureau for a purpose of submitting a visa application with attached documents, if it is able to apply via internets and it is also not necessary to receive a newly issued residence card directly at the regional immigration services bureau, if the application is permitted. 

This means that we can accept an order or a request from a foreigner living in any place throughout Japan of applying for a visa processing, although we have been rarely asked to apply for the visa application by clients living far from Tokyo area, as we have needed to be compensated for the travel expenses in such a cases.   

I. What kinds of Visa Application can be Filed by a Visa Lawyer via Online Visa Application or Internets ?

It is possible to file the following types of visa applications via online/internets visa application or through the "online residency application system".  

A. Application for Certificate of Eligibility「在留資格認定証明書交付申請」

B. Application for Change of Status of Residence「在留資格変更許可申請」

C. Application for Extension of Period of Stay「在留期間更新許可申請」

D. Application for Permission to Acquire Status of Residence「在留資格取得許可申請」

E. Application for Re-entry Permit*「出入国許可申請」

F. Application for Permission to Engage in Activity other than that Permitted under the Status of Residence Previously Granted*「資格外活動許可申請」

G. Application for Certificate of Authorized Employment「就労資格証明書交付申請」

* It is able to apply if applying for change(B), extension(C) or acquirement(D) of the status simultaneously. 

II. Which Immigration or Visa Lawyer can Apply for their Clients via Internets ?

Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act("ICRRA") defines that a "gyoseishoshi lawyer" who has been registered with the regional immigration services bureau which govern the address of the lawyer, can submit visa application to the authorized immigration office on behalf of its clients, wherever the clients resides, or the registered "gyoseishoshi" lawyers can submit visa application to any immigration office in Japan, on behalf of the clients.

We call this registered gyoseishoshi lawyer as an "immigration lawyer" or a "visa lawyer". 

It is not automatically permitted for this immigration lawyer or visa lawyer to apply for visa processing or submitting visa application via "online visa application" systems

An immigration or visa lawyer is also required to get authentication ID from Immigration Services Agency of Japan("ISAJ") in advance, in order to apply for visa processing or to submit visa application for the client via "online visa application" systems or via internets.

We, Nihonbashi Prime Legal Office, are registered with Tokyo Immigration Services Bureau and also have obtained an authentication ID for the "online visa application" systems already.

III. How to Submit Visa Application via Internet

A. An application Format, which should be filled out on the webpages of ISAJ and submitted directly through the webpages, is almost the same as the classical format of the application form which should be filled out on papers and submitted physically.

B. The required documents to be attached to the visa application when applying via internets, have not been changed principally but it is necessary to attach those required documents in a regulated file through the "online residency application system".   

C. A photo of the applicant also should be attached in a photo file through the "online residency application system".

D. Signatures by the applicant or by the "contracting organization" like the employer are not required, while we, immigration / visa lawyers need to confirm the wills of the applicant and the organization, before we file the visa application via online visa application systems.

E. Although it is necessary to show the passport and the residence card of the applicant to the immigration bureau when applying by attending to a regional immigration services bureau, it is principally not required to show the passport or the residence card of the applicant or to send copies of those when applying via internets.  

F. A certificate of eligibility should be received by postal mail, the same as applying by papers, and a newly issued residence card can be received either by registered postal mail or at the regional immigration services bureau. 

IV. Charge & Fee on Online Visa Application

A. Charges to be paid to the immigration bureau are not changed even if the visa application has been submitted via internet.

B. Fees to us should be discounted by 20,000 JPY for each transaction, when the visa application has been submitted via internets. Please see "Charge & Fee" page of ours.

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