"Short Term Stay" Visa

"Short Term Stay" visa is categorized in Tier III of Group I defined in Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act ("ICRRA", hereafter). 

As it is impossible to apply for a certificate of eligibility on a "Short Term Stay" visa, it is required to apply for a "Short Term Stay" visa at a diplomatic office of Japan in the country in which the applicant lives, while it is not necessary to get a "Short Term Stay" visa for a citizen of a visa exemption country.   

It should not be permitted principally to change or to extend a "Short Term Stay" visa without a special reason. 

I. Granted Activities 

activities in short term stay in Japan, of tourism, recreation, sports, visiting relatives, attendance to seminars or conferences, business contacts or any other similar activities

II. Granted Period of Stay 

90days, 30 days or any days within 15 days

III. Conditions to be Permitted 

A. Applied activities are not false. 

B. Applied activities coincide with activities defined for each visa in ICRRA.

IV. Documents Required to Apply for Obtaining or Change of Visa

A. a fight ticket or any other for its departure, or a guarantee issued by a transportation company instead
B. a valid passport with which the holder can enter into any country other than Japan
C. a material which clarifies capacity to pay all of the expenses during its stay

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