Corporate Start-Up Services in Japan

It is not necessary to get a permit or an approval in order to start up, establish or found a corporate in Japan, while it is required to carry out the procedure defined in the corporate law of Japan which was enacted in 2005, being separated from the commercial law.    

The procedure for establishing a corporate should be completed to make registration of establishment of a corporate at a legal affairs bureau which governs the place of the head office of the corporate to be established.

It can be restated that the procedure for establishing a corporate is preparation of documents required for registration of establishment of a corporate in accordance with the corporate law and the commercial registration law of Japan.    

The documents for registration of establishment on a corporate should be prepared in Japanese or at least with Japanese translation, basically.

It is one of our main roles to provide foreigners who cannot fully understand Japanese language with sufficient supports to make the required documents for registration of establishment of a corporate in Japanese.

We hereby describe outlines of legal systems on companies and foundation of companies in Japan and our legal services on corporate start-up in Japan as follows:

I. Types of Companies in Japan

If you are planning to establish or to found a company in Japan, it is logically possible to choose the type of the company from four options defined in the corporation law in Japan. 

It is one of the significant advantages for individuals or small business owners

to be gotten by founding companies,

that they can divide personal assets and liabilities from assets and liabilities of the business.

We recommend foreign people in Japan to select a stock company(「株式会社」) or a limited liability company(「合同会社」), when they are starting up a company in Japan.

Corporation Law of Japan defines two categories of "Company", "Stock Company"(「株式会社」) and "Membership Company"(「持分会社」). 

A category of "Membership Company"(「持分会社」) consists of three types of "Company",  "General Partnership"(「合名会社」), "Limited Partnership"(「合資会社」),  and "Limited Liability Company"(「合同会社」).

If you found a general partnership(「合名会社」) or a limited partnership(「合資会社」), you may not fully divide your personal assets and liabilities from those of the a general partnership(「合名会社」) or a limited partnership(「合資会社」) .

II. Which You Should Select, a Stock Company or a Limited Liability Company

What is the difference between "stock company"(「株式会社」) and " limited liability company"(「合同会社」) ?

Almost all big companies in Japan are stock companies with some exceptions of non-Japanese held companies.

Stock companies are suitable for raising big monies in financial markets in this country or strengthening corporate governance.

On the other hand, we can see many limited liability companies for small business or single purpose business.

The costs of founding a limited liability company shall be more economical than the costs to found a stock company.

To make a company to develop as a going concern with high reputation in Japan, a stock company shall be pertinent for the purpose.

You can choose a stock company or a limited company to the reference above.

We can also provide you with legal advised or consultation, including on which type of company should be favored for your business in Japan.  

III. Costs and Our Fees of Founding a Company in Japan

The following are estimated costs for establishment of companies in Japan, if you ask us to support you: 

A. Estimated Minimum Total Costs to Found a Stock Company「株式会社」

:330,000. JPY, if the capital money should be less than one million yen.

B. Estimated Minimum Total Costs to Found a Limited Liability「合同会社」

:180,000. JPY 

If you are not a resident in Japan and willing to found a company in Japan without any executive or any director residing in Japan, we shall ask administrative fees monthly.

IV. Our Legal Services on Foundation of a Company in Japan

In order to found a company, either a stock company or a limited liability company, the process of its foundation should be finalized by corporate registration at a regional legal affairs bureau, 「法務局」.

Almost all of required documents to be submitted to the regional legal affairs bureau for corporate registration are to be written in Japanese or to be attached with translation in Japanese in accordance with regulations, including bylaw of the company.

It should be difficult even for Japanese people without legal knowledge to prepare all those documents.

For foreign people who are not familiar to Japanese language, it must be much more difficult to prepare them by themselves.

We shall prepare all of the required documents including bylaw.

You just need to communicate with us either in English or in Japanese and to give us information on structure, management and any other requirements for company foundation.

You also don't need to attend a regional legal affairs bureau, as our allied experienced judicial lawyer, or "shihoshoshi" lawyer, shall attend the regional legal affairs bureau and submit application for corporate registration.

Our allied judicial lawyer or "shihoshoshi" lawyer can provide legal services utilizing the systems of the online application of commercial registration, which started from 2021.

We can support you to start-up a company registered at any regional legal affairs bureau throughout Japan, and we don't need to ask you for transportation expenses to the regional legal affairs bureau.  

The details of each process of foundation for a stock company or for a limited liability company can be seen in each page.

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