"Diplomat" Visa

"Diplomat" visa is categorized in Tier I of Group I defined in Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act ("ICRRA", hereafter). 

I. Granted Activities 

activities permitted as a member of a diplomatic mission or a consulate, or a person who has the same privileges as a diplomat in accordance with treaties or international practices, and activities permitted for families of the above

II. Granted Period of Stay

terms for diplomatic activities

III. Conditions to be Permitted

A. Applied activities are not false. 

B. Applied activities coincide with activities defined for each visa in ICRRA.

IV. Documents Required to Apply for a Certificate of Eligibility or Change of Visa

A. a verbal note or any other document which certifies the position and the role of the applicant, issued by the government or the international organization

V. Documents Required to Apply for Extension of Visa

not defined.

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