I. What is "Certificate of Eligibility"

It is necessary to apply for a short term visa to an embassy or a consulate general of Japan in the home country in order to travel in Japan from a foreign country, except for 68 countries of visa exemption, basically. 

It is also necessary for a foreigner to apply for the appropriate visa to the diplomatic office of Japan in the country where the foreigner lives in order to come to Japan and to start living in Japan.

It is impossible for every foreigner who wants to live in Japan to apply for a visa status, but a foreigner who meets the criteria defined by Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act ("ICRRA", hereafter) and the related regulations made by the ministry of justice.

The applicant also needs to prepare documents required by the regulation made by the ministry of justice for each type of visa.

If the applicant for a visa for coming to and to live in Japan has a deputy or an agent specially admitted by ICRRA for each type of visa by the ministry of justice, the deputy can apply for a certificate of eligibility to a regional immigration services bureau in place of the applicant.

For examples, an employee of a Japanese company which is scheduled to hire a foreign employee from other country legally, can apply for a certificate on behalf of the prearranged foreign worker.

A wife or a husband of a foreigner who lives in Japan separately from its spouse of a foreigner and has nationality of Japan, can apply for a certificate of eligibility on behalf of the spouse.

It is able for the applicant to obtain permission for a visa easily from the diplomatic office of Japan, if the applicant can apply with the certificate of eligibility.

II. How to Apply for a Certificate of Eligibility

The system of a certificate of eligibility is not so old, while it can be said that it is common nowadays to apply for a certificate of eligibility before applying for a visa to a diplomatic office in the country where the applicant lives. 

It can also be said that we, immigration lawyers or visa lawyers, have participated in the market of visas for new comers, as immigration lawyers can apply for certificates of eligibility if asked by the regulated deputies in Japan like expected employers or families of the applicants in overseas.

It is required to file the following documents to a regional immigration services bureau under Immigration Services Agency of Japan("ISAJ")「出入国在留管理庁」 to apply for a certificate of eligibility: 

A. an application form in a regulated format("APPLICATION FOR CERTIFICATE OF ELIGIBILITY"「在留資格認定証明書交付申請」)

B.   a photo 

C.  an envelope for returning notices by ISAJ with postage stamps 

D.  documents regulated in accordance with a type of visa  

Please refer to each visa page through our "Types of Visas" page, on what kinds of documents are required by the regulations made by the ministry of justice for each visa, while it might be difficult to prepare required documents adequately by the applicant.

If you hire us, Nihonbashi Prime Legal Office, we shall help you to prepare all of the regulatory required documents.

Regarding almost all types of working visas, it is required not only for an applicant but also for its employer to fill out the regulated application form and to sign on it.

Regarding visas permitted based on family relations in Japan or permanent residence visa, it is required to attach a letter of guarantee in the regulated form from a personal guarantor who should be a Japanese citizen or a permanent resident in Japan.

The minister of justice of Japan is authorized to determine in its discretion if the applied issuance should be permitted or not,

based on its judgement on if the applicant has certified that 

A. The applied activities in Japan are not false.

B. The applied activities coincide with the activities defined for the applied visa in ICRRA.

C. The applicant coincides with the criteria made by regulations for the applied visa, if applied for one of the designated visas, or not.

We, Nihonbashi Prime Legal Office, can help you to apply for a certificate of eligibility

by preparing an application form & the required documents, attending the regional immigration services bureau, filing the application, and negotiating or communicating with the regional immigration services bureau on behalf of you or the employer of yours in Japan.

If you hire us, you don't need to go to the regional immigration services bureau principally.

duration, charge & fee

A determination to an application is usually made in one to three months.

Charge to the immigration bureau

: None

Fee to Us

: 78,000. JPY including sales tax

: 100,000. JPY including sales tax- for "Business Manager" Visa

If unable to apply via internets,

: 98,000. JPY including sales tax

:120,000. JPY including sales tax- for "Business Manager" Visa

III. What is a "Residence Card"

A "residence card"(「在留カード」) is issued for you if you are permitted to stay as a "mid or long term resident「中長期在留者」". 

A “residence card” is handed to you at the airport the foreigner has landed, otherwise a “residence card” will be sent to the registered address of yours. 

Middle or long term resident means an eligible foreigner except for an eligible foreigner whose granted period of stay is less than or equal to 3months, or an eligible foreigner with a visa of Short Term Stay「短期滞在」”, Diplomat「外交」” or Public Business「公用」”.

A residence card won't be issued for an eligible foreigner with a visa of "Extra Permanent Residence".

The following items are presented on a residence card: 

A. Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Nationality or Area 

B. Address

C. Status of Stay, Term of Stay & Maturity Date

D. Type & Date of Permit (Cause of Issuance)

E. Card Number, Issuance Date & Maturity of the Card

F.  If the working is restricted or not. 

G. Photo

An eligible person who has received a residence card is not required to carry its passport if it carries the residence card.

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