Revise of Guideline of Permission for Permanent Residence

The guideline of permission for permanent residence had been revised by the ministry of justice on May 31, 2019, the last day of Satsuki Reiwa 1st.

You can see the English version of the guideline in the homepage of the ministry of justice as follows: 

We understand that significant points of the revision on May 31, 2019 should be the following:



In order to apply for permanent residence, it is principally required for an applicant to have stayed in Japan for 10 years or more including a stay for 5 years or more with a working visa, a spouse visa, a son / daughter visa or long term resident visa.   

The revision has clarified that a stay with a "Designated Skilled Labor" (i) visa or a "Technical Intern Training " visa cannot be qualified as a stay with a working visa to apply for permanent residence.



The guideline has regulated that an applicant is required to have executed tax duties and any other of all public duties in Japan.

The  revision has clarified that "any other duties" should include duties on payment of social insurance premiums and duties on reports required by the Immigration Control & Refugee Recognition Act.

The revision has also clarified that execution of public duties should have been made properly.

If an applicant have made some delay in payments of taxes or social insurance premiums, the application for permanent residence might be declined by reason of those delay even if the applicant has fully solved all of those delay at the time of the application.