What are the reasons to hire a Visa Lawyer, Gyoseishoshi when you need to apply for a visa?


A visa system varies from country to country.

Immigration Cotrol & Refugee Recognition Act in Japan defines approximately 30 types of visas which have various conditions to be applied.

It should be difficult to understand and decide which visa to be applied, what conditions to be met or if the current visa can be changed or not only for foreign people but also Japanese.

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Preparing Documents

It is required to submit not only filled out and signed application form but also additional documents or materials defined by Immigration Control & Refugee Recognition Act and related regulations.

Some foreign people might have legal knowledge and language ability enough to write or prepare all  those documents or materials, while some foreign people might not.

A visa lawyers or a gyoseishoshi lawyer can prepare a filled out application form to be just signed by an applicant & almost all documents or materials.   

A Delicate Case

Sometimes troubles on visas can be a fatal matter for foreign people in Japan.

Also there is no guarantee to get permission to visa application even if every required document or material has been submitted.

In a delicate case such as  applying  for a spouse visa, change from a spouse visa or applying for a visa difficult to obtain, it is important to prepare additional memorandums other than required documents in order to persuade an examiner of the immigration bureau.

Those memorandums can not be made without sufficient knowledge and experience of visa processing business like a visa lawyer or a gyoseishoshi lawyer.

Attendance to the Immigration Bureau

It is principally required for an applicant itself to attend to the regional  immigration bureau, unless the applicant is a non-adult represented by it parent or an employee of a company which has a visa control department.

If an applicant for a visa hire a registered visa lawyer or a registered gyoseishoshi lawyer, the applicant doesn't need to attend the immigration bureau.

This means that she or he also doesn't need to answer directly to inquiries from the immigration bureau or to bring supplemental materials to the immigartion bureau except for a request for interview.

The new residence card after the permission can be received by the visa lawyer.

If the applicant has a job, she or he is not necessary to take a off day.

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