Change of Procedures on Permanent Residence Application

Revise of the Format of "Letter of Guarantee"

In order to apply for permanent residence, it is necessary that any of citizens of Japan or permanent residents in Japan should be a personal guarantor.

The personal guarantor is required to submit a letter of guarantee prepared in accordance with the regulated format,

The regulated format was revised and the new format has been valid from June 1st, 2022.  

The revision was made for changing wording of contents of the guarantee from financial supports for living in Japan of the permanent residence applicant to mental or ethical supports of executing public duties and being compliant to laws and regulations. 

You can see much more in detail on the website of the Immigration Services Agency of Japan.

It is necessary to keep in mind that the format of the "letter of guarantee" for other visa applicants, such as an applicant for spouse visa, has not been changed.  

Requirements of Attachments

Requirements of attached documents for the personal guarantee were also reduced.

It is just necessary to attach a document certifying the social position of the personal guarantor, such as a copy of the drivers' license card of the guarantor. 

Requirements for attached documents for the personal guarantor to other visa applicants have not been changed also. 

It is an impression of our office that problems of searching for a personal guarantor to permanent residence guarantor might have been partially solved by these revisions mentioned above.